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Nationwide,Wanda Group has created more jobs than any single enterprise.The Group created jobs for 108,000 people during 2013,33,000 of whom were fresh university graduates.Wanda's newly created positions accounted for 1% of all new jobs created nationwide during the year.Wanda Group has created more jobs than any single enterprise in China,creating an accumulated total of 539,000 jobs since it was founded.

为帮助国家缓解严峻的大学生就业压力,2013年5月,新莆京手机版发出通知,要求各下属公司增加大学生招聘数量,在2012年的基础上至少增加10%,并列入年度考核指标。2013年,新莆京手机版新招聘员工16597人, 其中大学生7970人,比2012年增加25%。

To alleviate the pressure of a tight job market on fresh university graduates, Wanda Group stepped forward in May 2013,issuing an announcement requiring its subsidiaries to increase recruitment headcount for fresh university graduates by at least 10% compared to 2012.It also added this as an indicator used in annual assessments. During 2013,Wanda recruited 16,597 new employees,7,970 of whom were fresh university graduates,which represents a 25% increase from 2012.


The Group holds its "Appeal of Wanda" campus recruiting drive each year.For 2013,this event covered more than 100 colleges and universities,with over 200 job postings and more than 2,000 fresh university students recruited.


After opening to be public,each Wanda plaza produces a large number of stable jobs in the urban services sector.The Harbin Haxi Wanda Plaza,which opened in 2013,created 7,819 jobs,and the Dalian High-Tech Park Wanda Plaza created 6,883 jobs.


Wanda's various local business across China have also established connections with local governments,communities,and military units to assist in resolving local unemployment issues.In October,2013,Qingdao CBD Wanda Commercial Management Company joined forces with the local Dunhualu Sub-district and CPC Youth League Municipal Committee Employment and Entrepreneurship Center to hold the Central Business District Autumn Job Fair.In November,Ji'nan Wanda Business Management Company held a special job fair for retired members of the Ji'nan Detachment of the People's Armed Police.


In September 2013,Wanda Group announced that between 2013 and 2022,Wanda plans to recruit 80,000 fresh university graduates at group level in addition to creating 300,000 jobs for fresh university graduates through the company’s subsidiaries.Deputy Minister of Education Du Yubo spoke highly of this fact,stating that Wanda Group's commitment in vigorously supporting the creation of jobs for fresh university graduates has set a positive example for society.


In June,2013,Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security Minister Yin Weimin and his party visited Yichang Wanda Plaza and Wanda Community to survey the employment situation in these places.Upon learning that the Yichang Wanda Plaza had created 15,000 jobs since opening for business and after learning about Wanda Group's series of methods and results in the area of promoting employment,Yin Weimin praised the employment driven by the Group as being a "model example".