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During 2013,Wanda Group organized a total of 921 volunteer events,while volunteers participated in various social charity events a total of 91,039 times.Wanda's volunteers have footprints that extend across China,and they represent a unique set of highlights within the field of Chinese corporate philanthropy.


In November, 2013,Wanda Group launched a coordinated national volunteer campaign aimed at"Caring for Children of Migrant Workers".Volunteers from 54 stores of Wanda's commercial Management companies,cinemas,department stores and Superstar KTVs actively responded and carried out the event in many cities including Beijing,Chongqing,Shenyang,Changchun,Guangzhou,Wuhan,Qingdao,Xi’an and Nanjing,making a big sensation across the country.


Established in 2005,Hongqi Primary School in Beijing's Heiqiao County is a non-governmental run school for the children of migrant workers.The students who are enrolled at this school mainly consist of the sons and daughters of migrant workers from other parts of China who come to Beijing to work.The environment is simple and crude.From 2012 onwards,Wanda Group has repeatedly organized volunteer trips for the employees at its headquarters where they donate things like writing materials,books,desks,and chairs.


In October 2013,Shaoxing Keqiao Wanda volunteers partook in numerous leisurely activities with autistic children,such as visiting the Ice & Snow World,taking rides on a carousel,and driving small trains.


The Dalian Municipal Orphan and Disabled Children Rehabilitation Center is located in Wafangdian City's Longtan Village.It has more than 100 orphans and disabled children receiving foster care in the homes of local farmers.Wanda Dalian's volunteers have been making donations of goods to the foster families for four years running,in doing so offering up their compassion.


Shixi Wanda Hope Primary School is a rural,government-run,full-time complete primary school.In the 10 years since 2003,Nanning Wanda has been providing help and donations to this school and its needy students.