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The first people to benefit from Wanda Group's developmental accomplishments are the Group's employees.During 2013,41% of the Group's 2,800 mid- and senior-level management staff received pay raises averaging 12.6%.All junior personnel received pay raises.Wanda has implemented a seniority-based salary system for junior staff:monthly wages increase by 100 yuan for every full year of service.Aside from wage increases from seniority,29% of junior personnel also saw additional pay increases that averaged 8.1%.For many years,Wanda has maintained annual wage increase target proportions of 40-50% for senior management and 30-40% for staff.


Throughout 2013,Wanda Group carried out 49,751 employee training sessions that were attended a total of 1.02 million times.Management personnel made 17,236 training visits to the Wanda Training Institute and received a total of 58,768 days of training.Excellent feedback has been received regarding the effectiveness of these training sessions.


In order to allow employees to enjoy the achievements of the Group's development,Wanda has launched a vacation system for outstanding employees.Each year,several hundred outstanding employees are selected for this award,which entitles employees and their families to be reimbursed for round-trip airfare and hotel expenses for two people while vacationing at any of Wanda's hotels.Nearly 300 outstanding employees,and their families enjoyed such vacations in 2013.

2013年,新莆京手机版组织拔河比赛、运动会、才艺大赛、书画摄影展、羽毛球比赛等多种多样的员工活动,丰富员工生活。其中www.64222.com好声音创新举办形式,线上线下结合,产生较大影响。集团员工参与人次超过25万, 员工上传参赛歌曲超过2500首,创造了www.64222.com历年企业文化活动参与人数之最,成为www.64222.com企业文化活动新品牌。

In 2013,Wanda Group organized a range of events for its employees,among them tug-of-war competitions,sports competitions,talent shows,exhibitions for paintings/calligraphy/ photography,and badminton competitions.Through these events,the Group enriched the lives of its employees.One of these events,"The Voice of Wanda",had a comparatively significant impact as a result of an innovative format and an integration of a successful online and offline campaign.Employees of the group participated in this event over 250,000 times,uploading a total of more than 2,500 song entries.Setting a record for the highest number of participants in one of Wanda's corporate culture events,this event became a new corporate culture brand in the Group's portfolio of corporate culture events.


Wanda Group has built employee cafeterias in various regions.These cafeterias provide three meals per day to employees.In addition, operation of the cafeterias is not allowed to be outsourced,which ensures food safety and nutritional quality.

2013年12月,新莆京手机版再次获得2013中国最佳人力资源典范企业2013中国年度最佳雇主百强企业 荣誉称号。该奖由前程无忧和智联招聘评出。

During December 2013,Wanda Group was once again honored by being named"Best Model Human Resources Enterprise for 2013"as well as"One of the 100 Best Corporate Employers for 2013".Selection for these awards was done by 51job.com and Zhaopin.com.


Wanda Group was selected as"One of the 100 Best Employers in China's Construction Industry" by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.


In November 2013,Wanda Group was honored with the first HR-One Best Enterprise Award.Selection for this award was organized by the China Human Resources Development Research Association,which is subordinate to the National Development and Reform Commission.It is one of China's most authoritative and influential awards within the field of human resources.